Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Ed Tech Program at the Pacific Grove Unified School District

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Football Drills for the Offensive Line

Ryan Vucina leverages more than a decade of building development experience to serve as Chief Operations Manager for Vucina Construction, Inc., in Carmel, California. While pursuing studies at Pacific Grove High School, Ryan Vucina earned recognition as an All-League offensive tackle while playing on the school’s football team.

The outcome of any football game often relies on the effectiveness of the offensive line. Any team member on the offensive line must cultivate excellent footwork, strength, and blocking technique to be successful on the field. There are a number of exercises that you can practice to improve your skills as an offensive player:

Angle Step Drill
Using this training drill, you can learn a number of different takeoff angles to effectively conduct solo or double-team blocks on the defensive player guarding you. You should practice this drill by placing a cone at various angles on the outside of your foot and stepping around it to learn different blocking moves.

Jump Rope
Practicing with a jump rope will help make your feet quicker during football games. You should always jump rope on your toes to build your leg control and overall agility. Use both feet or alternate between left and right during practice, gradually increasing from 25 to 100 jumps per session.

Four Corners Drill
This drill will help you increase your agility through practice of several running techniques. Place four cones in a 10-by-10-yard square, and sprint from the first cone to the second cone. Then practice the carioca move between the second and third cones while maintaining a low position. After making your next turn, back pedal to the fourth cone before completing the square with a 10-yard lateral shuffle.