Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Foreign Exchange Student Program Benefits

The Chief Operations Manager of Vucina Construction, Ryan Vucina, has provided significant financial support to local education. One of the major ways that Ryan Vucina has supported education is through the sponsorship of foreign exchange students, giving young people from Germany and Tonga the opportunity to benefit from the differing perspectives of a U.S. education.

Students who study abroad gain several advantages over their peers. If they study in a culture different from their own, they develop a broader understanding of the world and learn how to accept other cultural norms, which sometimes leads to a greater interest in international affairs and global issues. Likewise, if the language is different in the new country, they learn it much more quickly thanks to immersion. 

Socially, they tend to develop heightened maturity and poise as a result of the need to function without existing support networks. Finally, foreign exchange experiences can lead to career success later on. Employers often look favorably on those who have had the opportunity to gain knowledge of other areas and cultures, especially in jobs where global markets are key.